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Boards, Gifts and Hunts - Oh My!

has a new dress in the lucky board and Benicia (on the right) won one. It comes with jewelry. I won the dress on the left while waiting for the new dress to appear. Luckily it didn't take long. Yeah. There is also a cute dress and shoes here in an egg from the Bunny Hop. You need to fly up one story from the TP spot. The store is at one end of the mall. I am wearing one of the ADEN free hairs (see more below).

Tekeli-li has been one of my favorite designers for simply ever. I think my first real purchase (read more than a buck) was my Melange bracelets. Tekeli had a sale going on and I missed that it seems as well as keeping up with the Fashcon posts. Just SO much out there these days to explore and try. Anyway --- this monocle is available at the shop.

Also, if you missed these -- or simply hadn't been born yet when these came out -- you can still get the Eve hair (fully scripted) and the lantern earrings for $1 each. These are some of my all time favorites along with my Melange bracelets. Find them on the wall here.

You're going to need some hair that will show off your monocle of course. The good news is that Aden has six new free styles (one color each) called Spice Girls. Posh Spice is shown in the top photo; Ginger Spice is shown in the second photo. Three cuts work well with your soon to be new accessory. Yeah. Find the free hairs to the left of the door on the front wall.


New hunts starting today (most likely not limited to these :D) are a jewelry hunt at Alienbear Gupte's. Find seven eggs in six shops to get the complete set of some lovely jewelry. The starting point is here.

Grid wide Easter Egg Hunt (this one from :D) with a starting point here. 82 stops in this one.


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