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Newness at A-BOMB

A-BOMB has some cute newness in their shop -- and in some hunts. The great news is that it's the same newness except for the colors. So, you can try out the new designs and maybe go back for more!

This darling dress is called Swing Time and has a 40's feel -- for me at least. I added my Solar specs for a sexy schoolteacher look - LOL. Much fun.

Same dress, different print -- this one is in the Sn@tch hunt so keep your eyes peeled for this beauty. There is a yellow version too and it's also free! They come with tons of layer options.

These are digger jeans with that casual I've-been-wearing-these-for-years look. They have a rose motif here and there and the tank features skulls and roses. They come in tons of colors and a version for men (the roses have left the building on these) :D

You can pick up the olive version of the tank for gals at The Wash Rotten Egg Hunt. And no, I have no clue about that hunt - LOL. Just head on over to A-Bomb and look for signs?

Ah the adventure!

Sandals are A-BOMB's Francesca color and texture change. That means hundreds of choices in just two shoes. Yeah! Hair is the new release, Spring by HOH and poses are by LAP. The great reading stump is from the Off-brand Furniture lucky board.


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