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Finders Keepers

I can't image finishing the 300 stop Bunny Hop -- I mean really, I "do" have a bit of a life. Still, I remembered that The Fading Lands was in the hunt -- the place that I scored the fantastic bed in the Petit Chou Hunt? Yep, that's the one. Anyway, I went over tonight and found the egg easily (much easier than the bed - wink) and it is truly lovely so I wanted to share. It is an outfit designed after Queen Maria of Spain. I took some liberties here and photographed in an UNSpain castle, but only the historians will know. Anyway The Fading Lands is stop number # 138 on the hunt and of course you can just go to Petit Chou and look for the shop. Yep, you can.

I hadn't been to Lala Moon (#141) in ages -- really ages :D so it was fun to return. While I did find the egg finally, the hair style was not me (of course it may be REALLY you). What I did find was two free hairs near the entrance, and one I really loved. You get a variety of colors. This may be very old news, but it was new to me and I am a happy gal.

Along with some camp chairs (240 minute on the ones that were operational) there is a collection of lucky board hairs, so be sure and check those if you venture by.


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