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Hint Hunting at MALT

Just a quick post for you guys starting your day rather than heading to bed. There is a hunt going on at the MALT sim. It is a hint hunt in that you go to the various participating stores (20 in all), click on the hunt poster and get a hint to where their prize might be. The colored eggs could be anywhere in the sim. The ones I found were all outdoors, but I suspect some may be inside too. I just got started and it is my beddie-bye time.

I did find these fantastic sandals that come with HUD to change skin tone as well as nail color, style, toe ring -- it might even give you a massage, who knows? If you just come for the sandals, it will be worth it. They are from YS & YS.

The tee shirt I am wearing in the top photo is from aKai. And the pose used there is another hunt gift -- this time from POSTURE. There are also gifts for home.

So get those thinking caps on and explore.


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