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Stardom (Guys Too!)

Most of us have probably daydreamed about being a star from time to time. Well, even if you aren't famous and the paparazzi aren't camped outside your hotel, you can get a little bit of that stardom feel simply by picking up some freebies at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio.

I saw some very cute glasses on a chain on the feed (thanks FabFarah) and wandered over to see if they were still available. I found a whole wall of goodies presumably left by folks who had been interviewed -- at least I know Kobe was so I'm guessing that's the case.

Anyway there is a lot of very nice jewelry including the necklace shown above from Alienbear Design. The superstar "where is my Cristal Daaarling?" babydoll is from Digital Knickers; the shoes came with.

Hair by Bewitched. Pose by Diesel Works.

There is quiet a bit of stuff for guys too. Yeah! Above is an extremely nice summer suit from SARTORIA. There was no landmark in the box and nothing coming up on search so perhaps they are no longer around. Someone let me know if you know (wink). The glasses which come with a spiffy do everything but make breakfast HUD are from Solar Eyewear. I didn't play with the HUD as they fit me fine but there are instructions with the gift (whew!).

Hair by Truth. Pose by LAP.

These go with most anything black pants with sculpty bottoms as well as a very nice black scarf comes with a gift from SYSY. A lavender retro tank is included also.

This shirt tie and cuff links set is supposed to be for the guys and I did have to downsize the collar and tie, but I really like it! Most likely from Valentines, the gift also includes a very spiffy white evening scarf. While this most likely is meant to go with a tuxedo or cape, I am sure gals could find lots of uses too. It is from SF Design.

Here's what you are looking for. Isn't it amazing the things you find when you are simply looking for those cute glasses on a chain from VINTAGEwear? I'm heading over there later to see what else I can find. Go Retro. Go GUYS STUFF. Just GO GO GO!


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