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Late Night Goodies

Heading for bed but I wanted to post a few things that I have been remiss on. [AV] Vlodovic has a new item out for a buck. It's a cute 60's paisley top that brings back some vintage movie remembrances. I paired it with the Backstage pants from Sn@tch last week, this time in green. Love those pants. A Maitreya belt, the Alienbear earrings from the Fabulous Fashion gifts I blogged earlier in the week and some bright grape Juicy shoes completed the outfit.

Hatpins changed groups lately and there were messages about new directions and such. I had no idea that the new directions included complete period outfits as group gifts. Wow! So the store is really "Hatpins and More" now (wink) and definitely worth the group sign up fee if you wear a lot of period garb.

Hair by Catbird.

E! - Eclectic Accessories has a very cute shirt and sweater set as a gift. Definitely eclectic in its scope, the shop if fun to explore and prices seem very reasonable so take a gander. Shown here with yet another color of those Backstage pants and Juicy shoes (wink). OK, it's very late and I am getting lazy. Still, it works. Also shown is a knife holster from Twilight Anarchy.

This has flexi cords and is nicely detailed in a rustic sort of way. It's mod so suitable for fellows also!

Poses by LAP.

Yawn -- sweet dreams all.


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