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[Glow ]Studio

[glow]Studio has two new items in their lucky chair -- a set of messy lashes and some cool sunglasses. Perfect for summer.

There was a crowd beginning to form as I left, so the 10 minute wait time should be more like 2 or 3 hopefully. Enjoy!

Skin by Imagen (current lucky chair), hair and hat by ETD - and oldie but still available I think.

Who IS that girl? HOHO. Skin, hair, camera angles? A mystery to me. Actually it's a friend :D .

And THESE are my personal favorites. They are a dollarbie gift for April. Find them in a bag in the room next door to the lucky chair. You don't even have to wait for these beauties. The glow is a separate attachment from the lashes so you can wear with or without and even use the glow with other lashes. SO cool. I love them. Earrings here are from the Phoenix-Firefall lucky chairs.


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