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Shopping in Style

Today I felt much like a "timeghost" as Mascha Boa called it. I was wandering in RP sims and on fashion boulevards in my Queen of Spain gear. And you know? I liked it. What I am presenting today are two designers at two ends of the spectrum.

*RunoRuno* is a tiny little shop in a tasteful shopping area with an interesting take on fashion (wink) and Coco Designs is a well established upscale store with lots of space and prims. What happens when you put the two together? Works for me. All items shown are free. RunoRuno has a shelf of free items on one side of its shop. Coco has two free hats as well as other items as group gifts. Just click on the gift vendors after joining the group -- should you be so inclined.

This second dress by RunoRuno is a great look for Spring and it goes very well with the chunky gem bracelet-- the newest group gift from Coco.

This is another dress by RunoRuno. Since most all the outfits are based on sculpty prim additions, it is likely that they will not fit all avatars. But if you like the style, it is certainly worth a try. They fit me with very few alterations. This cute purse is from Coco. Purse hold pose from LAP. Yeah!

Hair from Catbird. Shoes by Juicy.


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