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Heat Wave Hunt


Wave One is filling up with some great shops. Yeah! We currently have jewelry and accessories for men and women, art, shapes, poses and of course clothes. So far the shop owners seem very enthusiastic about this new way of hunting. I know I am!

As hunters, you will get to explore 50 shops a week. No more cringing -- hoping that you'll get to number 547 (or 849 even). All shops have been checked for quality and male oriented items are encouraged as well as dual gifts.

As shop owners you get fresh and eager hunters during your wave, not people plodding through their lists :D -- And about "lists", owners are encouraged to move their eggs often but hide them in relatively easy places. Wave participants will be listed on the website with SLURLS for hunters that get stuck. It's much more fun to do the train, though, so that's the goal.

Shop owners have the option of keeping out their gifts for SALE ($1 and up) after their wave has passed for those that would rather shop quickly and pay a bit rather than hunt.

You can pick up an application at my Love Chic shop. You can read the details of the hunt at the Heat Wave Hunt site.


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