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Changes - Changes

Computer problems are solved (whew) and I am back in world. But the world changed a lot in a couple of days!

With some real life events moving up on my priority list, I decided yesterday to leave the hunts I had signed up for and also cancel the one I was putting together -- that was sad as I met some wonderful folks. But life marches on.

Then this morning I went outside my shop to find most of the sim for sale. Now there may be a tier increase coming on as I left the land group. The only posts they sent out were invitations to their new bondage island parties (in German which I don't speak - LOL) so I saw no point. And the new bondage island along with the bot farm might have been a bit too much for some people -- ya think? It was lovely when I bought my land, but not so much now. That virtual world pace is awe inspiring at times.

So, when my tier payment is up in a few days I'll be closing Love Chic -- for awhile at least. I'm getting tired of moving so often and it's summer and time to enjoy the real world a bit more.

I'll still be blogging, but most likely not at such a frantic pace. So that's the news in my corner of the world. Just wanted to let you know.

And yes, I do have stuff in my "to be blogged" folder, so it won't be a long rest period. I just need to take a few deep breaths.


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