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Designer Hunt

The Designer hunt gets lots of gold stars in my book.

While we each have our own tastes and no one item will work for everyone, I suspect you will find some items you will treasure and others you want to keep. For the most part, presents are in fairly obvious places and often right at the TP point. True, there are some large shops that I gave up on, but a persistent person can probably find all the hunt items in a few hours.

Here are a few things from the hunt. This lovely sparkling gown by Boutique Cilian'gel is one of two versions in the present. A short version of the dress is included also, and with its name "A Fish Called Wanda" you can guess there is a fish tail included in the mix -- well sort of :D. The necklace is from Artistry by ~ E and is only one of a huge collection of bracelets and necklaces.

I seem to find many occasions to wear black jewelry, so this lovely pearl necklace with an extra long drop is definitely among my personal favorites in this hunt. It too is from Artistry by ~ E.

You might guess that this barbed heart necklace called Love Lock-it Choker comes from UrBaN DySfUnCtIoN. Perfect for those edgier outfits :D . The UD gift also includes some click to resize blue sneakers, so guys have something too.

CS Fandango who I blogged a week or so ago has a dress with an assortment of different lengths for you. Shoes are included and the top has many fine details. BUT, I didn't want you to miss the great undies that come with the set, so here they are. I only found them when changing out of the dress (wink).

Have fun!


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