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Fashion News: April 1

Lots of things going on to choose from today. Here are some highlights. There are so many hunts going on at the same time it is very likely that you will find gifts from one hunt while looking for items from another. Some designers have left items from hunts already over so be on watch.


Another new hunt starting today (see last night's post for two others) is called Top Designers and features 31 well known shops. You are looking for large black and white gift boxes. You might want to start with Awesome Designs.

Even if you don't find the Top Designers hunt box at Awesome (and it looks like a very cute outfit) , you can pick up the gorgeous dress below. Find it in a big Awesome gift box (pink hatbox) in the middle of the floor as you move from the TP point on the way towards SKINS. It is April's gift. You can pick up your list there too. The poster is very handy.

This is the lovely dress called Chocolate from Awesome Designs. It is simply beautiful and classic. AND it has a surprise when you walk if you use the shorter glitch pants - LOL. Not telling but I love it. It has a short feather skirt also. I am simply --- impressed.

This is the poster for the new SHORT (you could actually maybe do this whole hunt?) gift train. Look for the sign above and click the poster to get a notecard with landmarks TO ALL the stops. Yeah! You can start anywhere.


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