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Sways Village Hunt

I am definitely late out of the gate with this hunt -LOL. It started on the first, but if you, like me were so caught up in the never-ending big gridwide hunts and missed this one, be sure and stop by. I remember seeing brief mentions of this Sways Village hunt here and there, but IMHO it is definitely worth visiting.

We all have our favorite types of hunt, and I am clearly in the sim size, easy, fun camp. This hunt qualifies. The eggs are easy to find with one being in or around each store and the stores being very tiny. Hence only so many places that pesky egg can be (wink). The gifts are nice and the locale is much fun. So many details and so many cute shops to peruse while looking for booty -- in this case white eggs with a small colored pattern and pink bow tied around them like a necktie.

The dress above is from SHIKI and comes with an optional ruffled top. Pose by Striking Poses.

A Spring yellow man-tailored pantsuit is also in the SHIKI gift pack. Shown here with a book seat I so love by Thistle Homes. Too many prims for my current abode but SO cute. Oops. I see now that my hair doesn't work with this pose. Oh well. Sure you have been there too.

The dress above is from Ivalde and works with or without the system skirt piece -- your choice. It has a bow in front -- also a choice. It's a bit too nice to be painting in but I couldn't help myself. There are tons of great poses with props about the village.

The hair as well as the prim face tattoo (very clever but you'll need to forgo earrings because of attachment issues) comes from Amrita who also has some free mufflers in her shop should you be thinking of skiing in August :D . The hair comes with and without a built in facelight. The band can be modified to another texture depending on needs.

There are lots and lots of other lovely gifts including the much blogged dress by Mashooka Designs. You can see the dress here if you missed it before. And a special thanks to Gabby for showing it and getting me enthused enough to go see what else was at the village!


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