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NCD - LB Dark - DarkForge Hunt

The new hunt of the day is definitely the NCD - LB Dark - DarkForge Easter Egg Mini-Hunt. There are eleven eggs to find including a "grand" egg with gifts from all three stores. This is not a fashion hunt, but there are some accessories involved if you want to stretch it.

The eggs are tie dyed in different colors and about the size of a turkey egg. You will need camera controls, but for the most part they are fairly easy to find. I found lots and wasn't there all that long. If you are into any of this genre, this is a hunt for you as there are some fantastic gifts. Grab a notecard from the Easter Basket upon your arrival to get all the particulars.

Shown above is the ::DarkForge:: Demonic Gemini weapons set. It was one of two types of weapon gear I found. I have no idea how to use them, but there are instructions. They definitely make a great photo outfit. Shown here with Lemania Indigo's Kitty skin (retired) and Dark Eden boots.

The backdrop? I'm actually 400 meters up in the sandbox so that I could test all the poses and such. This large vampire alter is another of the gifts. There is a midnight board to click (actually something to wear - wink) and I even won a lucky board prize while I was there -- a lovely glowing crystal staff (think friendly witch).

There is a kite to find also. This armor set is included and while no mod will probably fit many guys as I am no tiny gal. There is a piercing set in the kite pack also. Pose by 5ifth Order.

These are a few (and only a few) of the other items you can find. There are also shapes for men in one egg.


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