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White Magic

Sn@tch has a new gift out and if you think this is the antithesis of Sn@tch you might be right (wink). There are always surprises with Ivey and this fluttery mini was a made for the end of the Diamond Dogs Fashion show. It comes complete with leggings and sculpty prim cuffs, puffed sleeves and gloves.

The feathery skirt makes me wonder if I wasn't a ballerina in another life (very doubtful). Worn with Dark Mouse hair and Alienbear RFL necklace. I've blogged these boots so many times, I'm gonna let you remember if needed (wink). I took off the tops to wear the legging cuffs and that worked well. Find this in a bright pink gift bag somewhere in the store. For the location, join the SOM and look in the notice archives :D

It's difficult to tell where the flowers end and the dress begins with this statement making outfit from Serene Sensations. It comes with a plain short skirt also and you can wear it as a jumpsuit. Lots of options here to make your own personal style. It comes from a 2 minute lucky chair. I have my eye on the pink mini and may venture back a time or two. There are several outfits in the chair, each a completely different style. So stick around a few minutes to see them all. It won't take long at 2 minutes a switch.

Pose by Dela.


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