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Beach Scenes

Cool as the sea and green as the summer hills, Badoura Design has a gift bikini out. Find it under the stairs in a smallish vendor. The colors are especially lovely.

Luckily enough -- from a blogging perspective -- Harlot has some super nice (and matching - oh my) bangles to go with. Theviolet hoop earrings in the box are a bonus.

And speaking of hair, this is from the Hair Solutions freebie wall and a style called Tamesia. You get four colors in the pack.

The top pose is from StAr Poses. I found it along with a few others while looking for the new couples pose that is out. Everyone's asleep in my world so I opted for this singles one :D

While it would have been great to "jet" over to Morocco for another swim, this photo was taken using the Photo Hud from P 3 Designs Midnight board. I went over today and the board has changed, but you might want to check it now and then as many retailers repeat their offerings. It comes with a large assortment of options from curtains to borders to filters. You just wear it on your screen, adjust it as needed and take your photo. Instructions are included. I suspect this is also for sale at the shop. And while you are there, check the camp chair not far from the Midnight board. There are some cute things in there for a 60 minute camp.

Other poses by LAP.


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