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Dutch Touch News

Dutch Touch not only has a new sim name (Dutch Touch :D) -- they have a lucky chair. Items are for gals and guys and unisex. The chair is 60 minutes so friends are advised. I went over to see what was in the chair, but since there was already a "C" or two already waiting, I IMed Xia when an "X" appeared (such a smart gal for picking an unpopular letter). Later Benicia got an outfit also. It's great having friends who are willing to help spread the word.

Anyway shown here is a purple hoodie (large size hood also included I hear so fine for fellows) and a full set with multi-layered top, tights and denim mini skirt.

My galfriends are wearing a couple of the new releases from House of Heart (yes, at my prodding). There are five new styles in all.

And also in the news, the SL Discovery Hunt is closing its applications today. Last I heard the participant total was near 500 and will possibly big the biggest hunt yet. So get ready.


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