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Cute Stuff!

Sleepy Cat, a new store for me, has a darling little yellow dress and legwarmers for you as part of the Bunny Hop Hunt. There are three skirt choices (all short) and an optional top frill with bow (not shown). It is very nicely made and it's refreshing to see some yellow out there -- an often forgotten color in fashion :D

And if you need an accessory -- a BIG one :D -- to go with your cutie dress, how about this egg backpack from Beloved Designs and Pffiou!. Pick it up at either store for just $2. It comes with AO that has you holding the top straps while you skip along. The stand is a fun one too.

Off Brand Furniture (maker of the great Bunny Hop teacup bathtub) has the exceptional reading stump on a 5 minute lucky board at the back of the shop. It says there are three poses. I am guessing that the extra people sit along side. The details are fantastic. Only SEVEN prims!

Mela's has a pose pack it the Bunny Hop egg with poses that definitely qualify under this post's title. In fact they are called "Mela's cute 01" etc.

And check out this fun post on a great way to feel rich -- even if only virutally.


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