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Hunt of the Day

So, there seem to be way too many hunts to keep up with. I already told you about the French Farm one this afternoon :D Also, starting today, there is a hunt at the iTuTu opening. The shops participating have giant red signs and the ones I found also had pictures of the hunt gift from their stores. Very nice.

The good news is that the shops are great with tons of interesting things to peruse. This morning, however, and 20 minutes into the hunt, I was still in gray mode with only about half of the textures rezzed. This with a 16mbps connection :D . So, it is very laggy and slow loading. The hunt will be going on for a couple of weeks, so later may be better.

You are looking for golden apples. They are SMALL. The stores are largish and full of many many items --- hence the hunting is not easy.

The prizes (I only stayed to find two) appear to be very nice. The dress above is one of two gifts from KAO. And it has the top as a stand alone layer with curved bottom which is sure to come in handy. The hat above is from amerie's NAUGHTY. I couldn't find any hair that would work with it and the hat is no mod. So small headed gals or ones with some great short hair (I guess I need that) will be in luck. I added some earrings from BBS for effect. They are not part of the hunt.

So go forth and join the masses in whatever hunting and gathering you choose to do.

And have FUN!

No poses were used in this photoshoot - LOL.


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