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Pastel Rainbows

Moxie Polano has a new dress in the lucky chair. There is only one chair now but time is still set for 5 minutes. Since this came up several times in a row, I suspect this is the only item in the chair right now.

There are two skirt versions and a very pretty mask but at the moment the animation script isn't working correctly. EDIT: this is apparently a SL bug? If you rez the mask on the ground and then animate the mask shows up in your hand. Who knew? I bet some of you did (wink). Ah, please note that the dress comes with a shape, so if you are in the habit of using "add to outfit" like I often do, you might get a surprise - LOL.

Imagen has a nice skin in a five minute lucky chair. There was a crowd forming as I departed. It is a mod skin but great if you are after a young look.

And while you are at Moxie's stalking that chair, you might want to pick up this Easter gift. Find it in the giant blue egg near the entrance.

Poses by Ana_Mation. Hair by Glitter and Amacci.


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