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CS Fandango and a Break

I was just logging in tonight to take a photo for a "I'm going on break" post (wink) when I found a giant box of goodies from CS Fandango who I have blogged a couple of times. How nice. So instead of me lazing in the sand telling you I'll be gone for a few days, you get me on the boardwalk AND lazing in the sand but with new outfits -- LOL. That works.

These sets have tons of options and are very beachy. Luckily I live at the beach for the time being so I didn't need to go far to take these photos.

These first shots are from a set called Tropical Breeze and it is my personal favorite. I love the tiny print. There are tons of options here so I am only showing you a few. Think going on vacation to a beach resort and only getting to take one bag that will pretty much do you for your trip. This is it - LOL.

The heels to this set are especially nice. Oftentimes designers seem to throw in shoes as an afterthought. These are heels you would most likely buy separately. I like that!

And here is another set -- again with tons of choices including system skirt, earrings, flats, underwear. It is called Rose is a Rose. There are other flower themes to choose from as well as butterflies. They each have their own flavor ; they each come with tons of accessories and layers.

I really like the hats included and I am so glad I took some time to mod some hair and rename to "hat hair". That is much easier than trying on twenty styles.

So, my original theme is still in effect: "I'll be gone for a few day. Sure you can make it without me. Go forth, explore, gather and have fun."

See ya in a few.



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