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French Farm Opening

The French Farm is finally opening. Woot! There was a sneak peak about a week ago, but alas, I was deeply asleep and missed it. You can't get there right now. The sim appears to be closed. BUT, you can get there this afternoon if you desire. And why not, lots to see and do and of course a gift.

Lemania Indigo, of Lemania Indigo Designs, and Lestat Reuven, of Wonderous Strange, are opening of their new exclusive French Farm sim today, April 5th at 1pm.

The sim will focus on exclusive items and small limited editions. As part of the opening celebration there will be an egg hunt as well as this lovely gift. Since I am a pants and short skirt gal at heart, I was thrilled to see that the opening gift was a pants set. I love patterned pants and these have a great detailed top and belt to boot.

The gift will be HERE.

The gift will be their for awhile if you can't get into the sim for the music and dancing.

Here is the official invite:

You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of The French Farm Sim on April 5, 2009 at 1:00PM SL time.

Looking for that specially designed gown that no one else in Second Life has? Lemania Indigo and Lestat Reuven present to you exclusive designs limited to only 10 designs sold in SL. YOU will only be one of 10 who will EVER wear that design.

The French Farm also provides event accessories such as wedding cakes and flowers.

Wondrous Strange is also located on the sim with high quality and top design in furniture for those seeking the English and French Country look.

There are also shopping areas with shops available on the sim.

We hope that THE FRENCH FARM will become your destination of choice --- have a look around as there is more to come!

There will be special gifts and also Easter Eggs hidden all over the sim with over 1000L total to be found.


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