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Hot Freebies: 4-2-09

There's a bunch o new stuff in the DARE DESIGNS lucky chairs! Woot! I TPed in to over 30 folks gathering. With that many, the 30 minute chairs turn over well. While some items are from before, there are many things even the chair fans there didn't have -- hence the crowd.

One of the big draws is the new outfit in the middle. It has skates that WORK. So cool. Divine is the envy of many! The outfit comes in purple too I think. So many new to me things there it was daunting.

Benicia on the right also won the harlequin skin. Items seem to all be TRANSFER -- so guys, you can win something hot for your honey. Don't be shy.

While I didn't manage to win any of the new chair prizes this lunch hour, I did get over to the new hair shop called Glitter. It is very impressive and they have this really great blond hair as an opening gift. It's no mod, but it has a resize script. Just touch to make larger or smaller. There isn't a lot in the shop yet, but what is there is VERY cute.

Poses by LAP AOs and VAGO.


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