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Firefall - Phoenix

Some friends and I have been taking turns watching the Firefall - Phoenix lucky chairs. We aren't there all the time certainly but when we have email to go through or inventory to clean up (sigh) we drop by and watch for ourselves and the others in world. I am now the proud owner of Robin in rust -- finally. I have posted about these lucky chairs before, but since I think they are undoubtably some of the best around, I wanted to post again with some new pictures.

The outfit above is called Antiope. It comes in a variety of colors -- both in the vendors and in the chairs. Shown with boots from Bounce camp chairs and hair by Glitter (previously blogged).

One of the items we have been lusting over is the boots. Divine won them finally and we are all still envious. We could of course buy them -- just not in this color. These are the special "fire" color and they would go so well with Robin in rust (wink). So, we'll keep on watching. We have a pact after all. As an aside, these were very hard to photograph and get the details. They have feathers and great textures.

Along with a variety of clothes and those great boots, there are jewlery sets in a variety of colors. There are also some items that none of us have won yet (wink) like a cute bead necklace and belt set.

So, that's my report. Get over there when you have a chance. And as a aside, I have previously blogged this as "Phonix" as well as Phoenix. I have landmarks with both names. From searching it looks like Phoenix is correct, but don't quote me.

Pose by LAP.


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