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Flower Fields and Warm Fires

A partner and a giant prim allowance are both wonderful things. Belle Belle has this amazing chair on their two lucky boards. I went to sign up on the Midnight Mania board for the first piece of the living room set that I may someday have prims for and found a "C" on one of the boards. The chair is completely gorgeous -- all 44 prims worth.

The chair comes with poses for a couple, but with a little bit of AO magic I managed to get a sit pose that worked with the chair. So those of us alone can also use it.

I've been blogging Dark Mouse for what seems like forever, but it was mostly jewelry and shoes - both good things. Well, now Dark Mouse is doing hair. And one of the new styles is free. Just pick out the colors of your choice and buy for 0. I got several colors :D. This is a nice updo that would most likely work with some hats. Classic and ladylike, it is a great addition to your hair cache. The headband is black and white, but I tinted it here to match my top.

The top shown is from Mischief's greedy pack -- greedy and free -- I like that! See my previous post on the cropped hoddies if you missed it. The necklace I am wearing is from Porcelain Decay. I went there trying to start the cupcake hunt, but couldn't find the first cupcake. What I did find was this SL Discovery hunt gift which isn't supposed to be out yet. Go figure (wink).

A thank you goes out to Shayariel at Runway for posting Midnight Mania board finds. I'm not a group gal at heart so I couldn't make myself join the maniac group. This is a great service for us all. And to the very nice fellow I met who gave me the landmark to this photo shoot area, smiles.

Boots by Image Reflections, pants by Vette's.

PS. In case you read my blog directly and skip the feeds, be sure and see this post on Urban Shopper's 2nd anniversary. I'm moving today so doubt I will get there, but I bet "you" should (wink). That's a mighty pretty dress and who knows what else you might find. The area is much larger than it used to be :D


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