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SO much to tell you about and not enough time. Hence white wall in my shop for background. Pretend there is a great scene there.

First up, this SUPER fun outfit from Ema's. I love it!!!!!! Find it in the back corner of the shop on the wall. It is near some giant cupcakes. Free. You can detach the prim legs if you like and the pants would work great with boots -- like my favorite white ones. Either way a great getup.

This strapless red dollabie dress from Nice Sciavre is a great backdrop for the cute zipper 256 prim freebie necklace from Sable Rose Jewelry. Available at all their stores, I got mine at the Holland branch.

The necklace comes in red, blue and green and the zipper tab is mod so you can adjust it to any color you need. Handy! Remember, this is not an item to wear in crowds. It is definitely lagalicious.

Prim footed shoes? For free? Yep. Both violet and pink versions are available. Find them on prominent display (look for the feet with shoes themselves) at both Vamp at the Vinyl Cafe for violet and the Vixen display at Dominion for pink (look for them by the pile of boxes).

They come with an extremely nice set of sculpty tulips for you home (16 prims).

I have more things to share with ya, but that will have to wait until tomorrow most likely.



My goodness, I'm not sure how I didn't see the mention but thank you very very much. :)


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