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Peaches and Pinks

Jetdoll is a fun place. I hadn't been there before, but I saw a post that it was their anniversary and they had a gift, so I wandered over. A retro airline terminal greeted me as well as a cake and prezzie. This cute little stewardess hat (it's OK to say stewardess if it is a retro shop) is perfect for a bit of role playing if you know what I mean (wink). And while I was there the lucky chair was generous too. This shiny peach dress was the prize. There are two chairs -- one ten minutes and one at least 30 so check them both.

Shown with Maitreya hair and one of the new line of Dutch Touch skins from the recent hunt.

When I visited IZUMIYA awhile back it was so laggy I couldn't see anything. This time was SO much better - yeah! A friend tipped me off about a cute waist scarf in the lucky board. It is indeed cute and I was indeed lucky as it only took two brief trips to garner this great accessory. A couple of my cronnies got them too. We are all happy gals. The scarf comes in two sizes which you can mix and match to make fit. Styles with and without chain are included in the 10 minute board.

Right next to the upstairs lucky board is a wall of free pose vendors -- for gals and guys so stock up as some are very nice.

The rest of my outfit includes the top and very cute headphones from the latest Jill group gift, some old but often worn jeans from Adam and Eve and some super cute pink wedgie sandals from Neko Yo. Yes, they have "paw print" decorations on the toes, but to me they just look like a design, hence they work with more basic styles. They are TRANSFER and a buck and also come in a black version. There are some cute looking kid sized unisex tennies for your young friends also for a linden.

Hair by Catbird. Earrings by Primagine.

Top pose by LAP, others IZUMIYA.


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