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Annie Hall

The retiring dollarbie of the day from Lemania's is called Annie Hall. Now I actually remember seeing Annie Hall (a vague memory for many reasons - wink) and I felt like playing. So I took the basic outfit which includes shirt, vest, male styled pants and tie and went to work.

I added a green fedora from ETD (2008), some boot bottoms from Dark Mouse, a belt from WoE and a cigarette from FG Underground. I gave up the gold tie that came with the outfit in favor of a no-name green scarf I found in my inventory. OK, I cheated a bit with no male flavored tie, but it's MY Annie Hall.

I chose a slouchy pose from VAGO and took my gal to a city skyline.


If you want your own starting point for an Annie Hall outfit, get the dollarbie before tomorrow morning (9ish) as it will be gone forever.


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