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Accessories for Free

I was so excited to hear that Magika had changed items in their camp chairs. True, I definitely don't need any more clothes or hair (smile) but I am a SUCKER for accessories. So much fun. So I zipped over there last night to find twelve chairs still with each spot apparently containing all the new items. There are some clothes, some accessories and quite a bit of hair.

So here is what I have for my 100 minutes. It's a REALLY cute bar code necklace. Just click to enlarge the picture. It fits me perfectly. Yeah! I noted that this item and hair seemed to be the most popular -- last eve anyway. The prize campers are in the hair department. You can click on the teleporter sign at the central TP point that says Prize Camp to get to them. From the map it looks like they have been DISCOVERED :D

Hair is Jordan in Burgundy by House of Heart, Top by Eat Rice.

And many thanks to Beanie who wrote this post last eve. I was so interested to see how the make-your-own-watch interfaced worked, I made it one of my stops this morning. LOTS of fun and while it is in Japanese which many of us cannot read (wink), the interface is very easy to understand. Even if you are on slowish connection and can't really see the choices well, you can simply click on them until the giant example watch is the way you like it.

Here are some examples of watches you can make. If there is a line, please be polite and just make one at a time -- or come back later.

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