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Sunday Gifts - Oh My!

::69:: just sent out a darling sun hat to her group. I love the items she sends. Last time it was a grocery bag full of food! So inventive. This hat (shown here with Bobby hair from House of Heart) comes in white and black versions. AND they are mod. So I simply took the white hat, made a copy (always - always make a copy) and turned it blue to match the August group gift from Sn@tch. I could have colored the flower centers pink of course but there are so many blogging hours in the day (wink).

The bangles are ones previously mentioned but not shown from Mythology. Add some Juicy slingbacks (I SO appreciate having all these bright coordinating colors - many thanks again GoGo) and you have a cute summer afternoon outfit.

Sign up at the subscribeOmatic at Sn@tch before midnight if you are coveting the pants outfit (backless by the way - or close to it). I can't tell you any more. Ivey swore us all to secrecy - LOL.

GryphonWings has two very versatile tops for $1 Linden each. They come in a variety of layers and include a "short" version. The strapped top has a cute "X" back with a similar gold ring as shown on the front. EACH style comes in both black and white. You can of course buy them in a large variety of bright colors too.

There is a six pack of dollarbie hair also and a lucky cushion with off the wall hair. So check all that out :D

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