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LAP Hunt

Not exactly dressed for the occasion -- still in my fashion show garb which was listed as "slick urban" or something like that (LOL). I promised Dove that I wouldn't blog the LAP hunt until the members of her group had all had time to participate. But it's been awhile now and the crowds have thinned out. SO -- I wanted you to know about a great pose hunt.

It's no secret that I use LAP poses more than any other. And as Ivey said in a post not to long ago if you are still using the poses called "modelpose2" or whatever from 2006 it is TIME for a change (big wink). So come on over and get some great poses for free. There are poses for women, and poses for men (many of which are great for gals). There are Chubby Girl poses which work very well for thinner gals with big skirts. There is even a poofy skirt pose.

There are also pose balls for the non fashionistas out there (but then why would you be reading this blog?) and even a COUCH with poses for a bunch of friends. So get over here even without your pooper scooper.

Ah -- what are you looking for? Well "poop" of course. All sizes of brown soft serve ice cream looking poop. Not hard to find so you'll be OK. One is on a chair in the shop. So look there and find that one to see what you are looking for.


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