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How cute is THIS?

Elate just put up a new Dollarbie. While I am not naturally a "girlie" girl, this works for me too! Fun and colorful but not too frilly or anything. I felt that the neighboring carnival was the perfect place to show it off. And you get to see brand NEW House of Heart hair too. What a deal!

Hair is Baby in Brown by House of Heart (I wonder if this is a Dirty Dancing movie reference. Reminds ME of her hairstyle - wink). Shoes by Juicy, pose by LAP.

Most likely not new but of note is a BIG bag of great free clothes across from the entrance. There are many items here and I'll just show you a couple. Brown mini dress is shown with Asako - mahogany from House of Heart, Shoes by Juicy, Pose by ANA_MATIONS.

Hair is Windsong - coffee bean by House of Heart, Shoes by Juicy, Pose by LAP.
I have more to post in the morn but it is getting into wee hours in my neck of the woods, so see ya tomorrow!

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