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Thank GOODNESS it's Friday -- and goodness it is.

Pocket Pfeffer has a new gift dress out called 'Eireannsong' and it is lovely. I added some Calina the Archer hair from House of Heart and I was a fairy princess. Pose by Last Stand.

The jewelry shown with Pocket's dress as well as above is a gift from Moontan Jewelry. It is a beautifully wrapped set of jade and is a great addition to any wardrobe. Find it in the middle of the floor of the shop :D

When you need a really fun costume for a party, this is it. And it is free in August from lurveBite. Designed by Dakotah Yue, this is sure to win a prize for creativity. There are lots of other fun things here at very reasonable prices. How about a bowl of color change cereal? LOL

So WHILE I was hanging out at lurveBite, I saw lucky chair particles coming through the wall continuously so I went to investigate. Whatdoyouknow? I was right next door to the Mia Snow Wild Woman's hair chair! By the time I had taken my photos, I was the proud owner of this lovely item. I am SURE it will come in handy somewhere along the way.

Pose by LAP, Jeans by WRONG, Top by Love Chic (no longer available).

It's been a GOOD morning!


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