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Rockberry Skins: Eva - Sasha

So before I post this :D -- here is my new skin disclaimer. I will not STOP blogging for skin designers.
These skins appear to be good quality. I have been to the shop and it appears businesslike. The creator of the skin didn't just pop into the world. This is what I know. We all like something different and so it is the buyer's responsibility to look carefully at demos and see how they fit THEIR avatar before purchasing.

And with that said -- here is Eva.

Eva comes in various skin tones. I was sent Natural and Tan. This may be a bit darker for their names than the skin you are wearing. It is quite obvious from the vendors which skin would be close to your choice of color. Above is Eva in Natural. Of the six makeups I have, I will show you a few -- both in natural and tan versions. They come shaved and regular.

Eva in Natural Tones.

Eva in Tan Tones.

I personally like the naturalness of the eyebrows and the darker lipstick versions. I love the LONG built in eyelashes. This of course is taste. The nose didn't fit exactly right on my avatar but some tweaking may easily have fixed that. The skin tones worked for me and I liked the earthiness of the colors.


Sasha (below) has a younger look, less dramatic lashes, and perhaps a more sensitive face. My perceptions of course.

Sasha in Natural.

Sasha in tan.

Find these skins and others (including dark versions) at ***[RockBerry] Style Skins and C. There is also a free model shape available.


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