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Sometimes I just need to get away from Fashcon and the fashion posts and do some personal exploring. That's what I did this morning and have I got a designer for you!

LIKKA*HOUSE specializes in girlie outfits. Likka Noel lists herself as a tiny cat or sometimes girl living in Kyoto, Japan. Her shops are in Japanese sims and she has at least three small boutiques.
Her work is finely detailed and the seams impeccably matched. And her prices are unbelievably LOW!. The Criss dress shown above comes in a large variety of colors and patterns for $30. Nylons, frilly glitch pants and even choker come with the outfit. And the nylons are fantastic. A large fatpack of nine versions is available for $240. You can get the dress above for free at THIS shop.

Shown with Jordan hair in coffee bean from House of Heart and ZHAO heels. Pose by LAP.

Alice seems to be very big with some of you these days, and Likka has a very cute Alice dress. Shown here with Tesla heels and Moonshine MS-Lizbet hair. Pose by LAP. You can get this version of the Alice Dress for free at the LIKKA*HOUSE main shop.

The rose version of the Alice Dress is available in a camp chair (20 minutes) at the LIKKA*HOUSE main shop.

You can get other versions of the Alice dress for $20 each and a fat pack of 7 for $120.

Be aware that the clothes are NOT mod. The only thing I had problems with were the prims for the socks and I am six feet. They are designed to fit most avatars, but trying the free outfits before buying would be wise.



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