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HOH - New Kids on the Block

A few days ago I was over at House of Heart and noticed a new sculpture and topiary in what WAS the doorway. Whatdoyaknow? I saw that Tuli, House of Nyla and Haute Style & Co were moving in sometime soon. I took this photo and was going to spread the news, but you know how plans go sometimes.

So TODAY I ventured over again to see what was happening. The stars are definitely with me of late -- at least in the lucky chair stars. I saw a chair beckoning to me from Haute Style & Co and wandered in to check the letter. Sure enough it was a "C"! Yeah. Earlier in the day I won a purse at Baby Monkey. My inventory overflowing, I am still happy and grateful.

On further exploration I found a monthly freebie on the counter. VERY CUTE. So here are some offerings from Haute Style & Co. I found them at the House of Heart complex, but they are most likely at the main store also.

This is the monthly give away. It could possibly be LAST months, I'm not sure about that. So hurry and/or check back. Shown with my lucky chair purse from Baby Monkey, Juicy shoes and Bewitched hair (sister store to HOH).

And here is my lucky chair prize. Me likes it! The stockings and hat are part of the outfit. Shoes by Shoes Simply Shoes (Samara Studios)

Poses by LAP.

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