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PXL and Laqroki (RaC)

In the interest of fairness I want to post a link to the response from PXL on Laqroki's allegations from earlier this month. With all the weird DMCA stuff going on with Fresh Baked Goods, it is a mess out there and very difficult to tell who is "right" and who is "wrong". So, time will no doubt tell us something, and keeping informed is the only way we can ever get a clear picture of it all.

Meanwhile I am still wearing my PXL skin even though I no longer mention it in the credits. So that's MY full disclosure :D

Edit Aug 25: Hart Larsson just wrote me and wanted me (and you) to know that "my skin are not under any kind of dmca".

Wouldn't it be great if Phil's Place was a bit friendlier than our real worlds?


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