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The Hair Hunt is ON!

Another Bewitched hair hunt is on. For those of you who haven't been to a Bewitched Hunt, it is a bit different than the HOH hunts. It is a mouseover the wall and find the $1 (or on sale if you are looking for discounts) packs of hair.

Each hunt has it pluses -- for me anyway. I think the HOH hunts are more FUN as you are wandering around looking for boxes. The on the wall hunts aren't very movement oriented (wink) but you DO get a lot of hair (from four to zillions of colors in the clearance section) for your Linden. You are allowed (actually encouraged) to shout out your finds for the other hunters. So that is fun. In the Bewitched hunt you get to see what is offered for your dollar and if you KNOW you look really bad in that style, you can simply skip it.

I bought six and kept three. They probably looked great on some other shape of face, just not mine (smile). So for $6 and some time, I ended up with some VERY nice hair in a variety of colors. I am showing you my favorites here. No names; you need to go experience the experience for yourself - LOL.

Shown with BBS (BeBae) Tri Tier Earrings.


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