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Rescue Me! TY Ivey.

Wondering what to do this eve. Contemplating an early respite but not looking forward to it. Then Ivey SAVED me. New on the wall hunt at Sn@tch. I was fast -- in the shop anyway. This weeks prize / gift / well I have to give the guys something or they will bitch (Ivey didn't say that -- LOL) is a big set of capris with different accent patterns. So while the finding wasn't all that hard, putting together different looks is a time killer and that is what I needed.

I'm not telling you the name of the set, but after you find it, you might figure out why I journeyed over to a tacky trailer park for my photo shoot.

Here we go:

Remember that most of these outfits came from my inventory. We are highlighting the CAPRIS here. They come with prim parts, but I liked the texture accents better so I am showing them to you that way.

For the zebra capris I give you an elegantly trashy dame. Cigarette by Animah (with holding pose), boots by Sn@tch, Cami by Love Chic (no longer available), Hair is Feral by House of Heart, Necklace from WRONG.

Pink plaid accents called for PINK of course. I added (and tinted a hotter pink) a cute tied top from the Body Politk (my folder says Easter). Juicy shoes, Bewitched hair from this week's hunt (who knew that would come in so handy?) and some earphones from Beerbaum. Pose by LOTTA.

I went with a casual tough look for the red plaid pair. The Shoes and shopping bag and pose are by ::69, Top by Bland, Shades by Amodica, Hair by Curl Up n Dye.

And nothing like relaxing with a cold brew in my pool. Top by Blaze, Shoes by Adam and Eve, Hair is Jordan by HOH, Tie from Sn@tch.

The end.

Night All.


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