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In Response to Kristi Maurer

I wanted to post this here rather than as a response to Kristi Maurer's article, because I was truly upset with some of her ideas. NOT for myself, but for the designers who GENEROUSLY GIVE LOVELY, BRAND NEW -- OFF THE WALL items to the community.

Each day , several times a day, I eagerly open up the feeds in the (naive) hope that there will be something new released, or someone will be reviewing something I didn’t know about before. Instead, I see piles upon piles of freebies (which is good, if you’re a newbie and need some free crap, so keep on keeping on, freebie finders)...

My audience is NOT the newbie population. Most newbies don't even know the feed (or the blogs) exist! I can't speak as to others, but I go to a great deal of trouble to ONLY blog first quality items. Not all of them are free, but many are and TONS of items never make it to my blog.

I do not SPEND money in SL. If I had an unlimited budget I might wander and try and wander and try and find a new undiscovered designer to call my own -- yada yada! That is not an option for me.

I don't love everything on the feed either. But instead of complaining, why not find the blogs that you LIKE and simply bookmark those and read them?

I may be mistaken -- and I am sure I will hear about it if I am -- but isn't the person complaining about the laziness of bloggers the one that posted the SAME boring green logo that said "Simply the Best" on the feed over and over and over with a link to her newest article on her blog? If not, I apoligize in advance; I never clicked on them.



I enjoy your blog. You just keep doing your thing. We need a lot of different outfits for our blog and sometimes our budget is not really up for the high priced items, blogs like yours keep me informed about some really great bargains.

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