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Who Needs Clothes?

There's a new skin in town which might have you wanting to head over to the nude beach. Nope, I don't know of one, but I am sure a quick search will get you a multitude of choices. Or you might opt for something slightly more dramatic and showy -- hence my Tousled Isabella hair from HOH.

This is a Crys_SK_Glam_Makeup_Tatoo_BlackEB from PXL Creations with tattoos by Nardya. If you have been following that drama, you may or may not be in the PXL camp. If you ARE and would like to have this skin, then join the group (free) and put the store in your picks. After about 24 hours you can click on the LARGE vendor in the store and receive this skin. I have to say it is lovely and while not an everyday thing for me, a welcome addition to my chubby inventory.

Thong by Attitudes, poses by Torrid Midnight (hair fair).


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