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LaynieWear: Showcase Review

So yesterday was indeed an interesting day in both of my worlds. Through serendipity and a string of events I ended up with some lovely items from LanynieWear. This started with a conversation about finding something to wear with the GREAT ALB ROBIN BOOTS I blogged yesterday. So here I am on my new couch from the FreeStyle hunt in my Buttondown Oatmeal Shirt and Basic Jeans in chocolate. Don't worry. Close ups are coming.

I am also renaming my "review" category to "Showcase Review" as it is primarily my intent to showcase the items -- a point from yesterday's drama thought out and adjustments made.

So, close ups!

The Basic Jeans come in both pants and undies layers. Shown here with the prim leg attachments they work perfectly with the bottom of the ALB boots - most likely many boots. The shirt comes in a variety of layers also with the textured belt option shown as a jacket layer.

Here is the same outfit without leg prims and belt and with the boot tops. The prim collar and cuffs worked well for me. They of course might take some adjustment on a pose stand. Such is the way of the prim :D The jeans also come in capri length with prim cuffs -- not suitable for these boots but they would be great with sandals.

Laynie also sent along some darling capris called "Tea". They have a wonderful texture with sort of a " I live in these - I'm not giving them up" feel. I paired them with Untied Sandals from Shoes Simply Shoes and the great free necklace from yesterday. So cute!

The home store of Layniewear is at:

Hair is Krasa - coffee bean by House of Heart, Poses by LAP.


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