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G Stone Couture

It's grand opening day for G Stone Couture. And there is a hunt going on. Lots of fun things to find and it is EASY. There have been a LOT of hunts of late. Some good, some not so much. Some just fun because the sim is so interesting - you know the drill. This one is a present hunt pure and simple. You look for wrapped boxes and they are full sized, not tiny.

We know it is easy as I am pretty sure I found them all -- and we KNOW I'm not that good at hunting. So I am showing you the 'grand prize' according to the owner. There are also things for your house including a very cool orb thingie, a ton of stockings, belts, a nice logo shirt and the list goes on.

There are some very different items in this shop and the vendors loaded FAST for me -- especially for a weekend. So that is all good. There are THREE floors and the gifts come in folders so you don't have to unpack (yeah).

This is a second option for wearing the outfit shown above. It is a ceremonial cape and has a collar attached. The other version uses the necklace included. I left the skirt off here and it worked fine. It would look great with boots I think.

Top pose by Last Stand. Hair is Zakuro - bitter chocolate from House of Heart.

This cute tank and skirt combo is not even on the hunt. It is on a table and is simply a gift. I think it was the second floor. You could wear it without the skirt also; the pants are mod. It is shown with a bangle bracelet from the hunt.

Hair is Earth in mahogany by House of Heart, Pose by LAP. Shoes are by Juicy.

Have fun!

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