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Well most of you probably have seen the gorgeous designs from this shop -- now housed on the Tesla sim. There is a new freebie outfit just out as well as a exclusive chair item. AND my luck is holding (that feng shui I've been doing in RL must be helping my blessings corner). I was busy taking photos of the freebie when my letter came up. So I can show you THREE outfits from this great designer. Woot!

This is the NEW freebie outfit. Find it in the foyer in a small gift box.

This is the previous freebie if you missed it. Find it next to the current freebie.

And this is the lucky chair ensemble. Lovingly rendered, it would be a great asset to most wardrobes. So get on down and join the lucky chair stalking party (quite a few in residence for the duration I suspect). While you are there, look at the brilliant colors and fine details in her other works. And don't miss the elephants outside - LOL!

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