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As I write this it has been a bit over six months since I started blogging in SL and my 200th post is coming VERY soon. That's another story and you will LIKE it, but before that post, I wanted to do a bit of historical narcissism and I also wanted a post that could be a permalink on my sidebar :D

Here I am at one month old. I have on hair from the camp chairs at Calla which I had learned to TINT to match my sweater from Sn@tch. I think those glasses may have been from Jill in a Box. Not sure on that. Sort of geeky, but hey I was still "new" :D

This was my look for a very long time. Taken at Calla while I was earning dinero answering Trivia. It is still one of my favorite pictures. Still with Calla hair and Another Shop Skin. The date on the jpg is February 2, 2008.

For awhile I went through a "who am I?" phase, but on a day when I was not in character for a photo shoot, this was who I felt most like. Wearing my Time Traveler necklace from Magika, I am wondered at this point who I would be next :D

At the beginning of Fall 2008 I was still in my PXL CRYS_SK skin and very happy the hubbub is over about that. I got some new eyes (for free natch) from Pelle:Skin. I think they are supposed to be hazel but names are not in English, so who knows. Anyway I really liked them. The hair above was Krasa in coffee bean from House of Heart and was a gift :D Many thanks.

I seemed to be getting older in Phil's Place as well as in RL. Well if we consider that the moon comes up 8 times at Phil's as we pass through our RL day then we age 8 times faster? I'm not sure about that (wink) but time does seem to move at different speed except when we are constrained by RL seasons and holidays and such. Ah the ponderings.

On the occasion of my 500th post, I found my standby Calla hair from my youthful days and took this picture. This Tuli Halloween skin wasa favorite for awhile. Hair changed with my mood. My shape has always beenl the same, but my lighting thankfully improved.

I found this Clover skin on a St Pat's Hunt and adopted it as mine. It took a bit of getting used to, but I received compliments on it and began feeling more at home in it. The bright blue eyes are also from Clover. My hair as usual -- changes from day to day (end of March 2009).

On the occasion of my blog makeover, I changed out my profile photo to this one. I don't do blond all that often, but I love this hair when I'm feeling brave. And I'm feeling brave fairly often these days. This is around the 750 post era (mid May 2009).

At the beginning of June 2009 I changed to Tuli's Hope skin. One of my favorite hairs was Arianna by Calico Ingmann Creations. This photo was taken for the Hair Fair 2009.

This photo was taken a few days after my 1000th post in September 2009. I didn't think to commemorate my "look" at the time but it is fairly stable. Hair changes from day to day but this Tiny Bird hair in various colors is a favorite. I still have Hope skin but change make ups and skin tones to coordinate with outfits.

I sort of skipped through Tuli's Bella line as being too photographic for my tastes, but a Christmas 09 we had a preview of Eva skin and it is lovely. So the end of the year had me living in the sneak peak version as I not so patiently wait for the rest of the line to appear. This holiday picture featured many lovely gifts of the season including the great hat and hair from Maitreya.

As we move into April, I have a huge collection of Eva skins. This seems to be my favorite makeup (#10). My new hair was purchased from Truth and it so fits me -- at least at the moment. Always changing.

Mid April 2010 Chav joined Chic at Phil's Place. Chav is the other side of Chic, the one with that "Y" chromosome -- at least virtually. So if you see me out and about and in male mode, don't be alarmed. It won't happen all that often, but this way I can feature items for the guys easily. Couples pose balls? Well I'll still need to call on a friend *wink*.

This photo was taken as I was leaving for awhile. It only took me a week to process, make a change of direction and move forward. Glad I am a fast timing person.

On December 22nd, the day after winter solstice I finally achieved cool shadows with Imprudence 1.4 and my fairly antique computer. It was a day to be remembered and so I include a cropped shot of that post here. Tuli Gina skin, Calico Ingmann Tracy hair. I change more often these days but I come back to this look over and over again.  I am ready to welcome 2011.

I switched to Tuli's ZOE skin on its arrival at the end of February. Here with Amacci hair that I wear often and some gorgeous Southwestern style bangles. Still in goldenrod I see :D.

At the end of May 2011 I switched from my ever-present Tuli skin to a Ramya dark skin tone. More exotic and mature, it fit my mood.

Wow, it has been almost a year since I updated this page. Here in April 2012 my skin is a bit lighter now but still tan, my default hair is called Finya and this is pretty much how I look when NOT setting up for a photo shoot. Chav has had an update too. You can see his current look here.

It's a whole year later with a new look; April 2013. I switch to Izzie's Asia skin at Skin Fair time and picked up this hair from Dura at Fashion for Life recently.  Since then I have been enjoying the new me. I am still flat chested, that's just shadow cleavage *wink*.

I finally (FINALLY) changed my profile photo in May. New Manuela skin in tan with a group gift hair from EMO-tions gave me this look.

Well. Bad blogger. I changed my profile photo at the end of December 2013 and didn't update this page. Same skin, something I agonized a bit about in an op ed post after Skin Fair. My hair changes daily but I still have some favorites.

As I was contemplating getting a mesh head I found this page. This is the 2015 look!  So much for "updating regularly" :D.

At the end of July 2015 mesh became the rule with the addition of a Lelutka mesh head. I still feel pretty much me and after a couple of weeks I sometimes forget what I used to look like.

click for full size
A SL forum post had me catching up with this page. Much fun!   It is June 2018.

In October of 2020 I have both new skin and new head and feeling very much "myself".  Skin by Insol, head by Genus.

[ To Be Continued]

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