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Earthsong has a special free Olympics necklace for your pleasure. Placed right at the entrance, it is difficult to miss. Note there are TWO stores here joined by some lovely landscaping. So if you get turned around and end up NOT in the jewelry store, just backtrack.

Besides the nice new necklace with understated bling, there is a freebie box not far away. It contains two necklaces, a meditation pillow with animation and a giant painting.

There's a Trash and Treasure Hunt going on in Bricolage. (Edit: Sorry BLOGGER ate my SLURL- fixed). I love that sim! The grounds are phenomenal. So -- you are looking for large trash cans (think garbage day) and smallish but not tiny treasure chests (brown with gold metal trim). All the items I found were outside and it seemed like there was one for each retailer "on" their property. That might not be correct, just the feeling I had. I didn't find everything. I am really not a very good hunter (wink). Amazingly some of the things listed as trash I loved -- like the old cigarette machine.

There was a PACK of tee shirts as well as additional jewelry in the prize chests, so think multiple gifts. Thanks so much. My personal favorite is the skateboard. It comes in left and right hand holds (different ones) as well as a skateboard that apparently works . Gestures were included too. I just love it is a prop.

Anyway, lots of fun and you have until Sunday at 7 pm to hunt.

This Tuli "oops" skin is really quite fun and has stripes on the arm and checks on the leg. So even though it was a TRASH, I am going to keep it. Ya never know!

Jeans shown NOT from the hunt. They are from the Amodica Runway package and are unisex. I like 'em! Hair from Diversity.

Necorifik has two cute tee shirts for you as gifts. I especially like the black one. VERY arty. They are called broken heart tees and I sincerely hope they weren't designed because of one. We've all been there I'm sure. Lots of interesting things in the shop and those around it, especially if you are of the feline persuasion.

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