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Sunday Morn Bright 'n Shiny

I hope you got to the Strawberry Fields Hunt yesterday. I went back this early morn to find it shutting down in half an hour. I didn't find any more strawberries but I did find out there were 31 in all. Woot! I think I got about 10. ONE of the ten was a gift certificate for primOptic glasses. How cool is that? So I went over to their main store today to try out some models.

I have quite a few glasses from here and there. None with all the scripting though. These are VERY cool. I picked one of the newest styles and one that was different from what I already had. There are demos to try of course and they even work with the scripting so you can PLAY. Fun! Fun!

Also this morning I saw a notice for a free Nerdi bike. I wasn't sure what that WAS but went over to see. It is very cute. It isn't scripted so it is basically a prop. You wear it and get this pose. If you have LOTS of available prims on your land you could put it out as decor (wink). Shown here with my free primOptic Tee shirt, some nice capris from the Awesome Isle hunt (see previous post), Juicy shoes, Diversity hair.

And before I forget:

Earth and Sky has a very pretty formal dress as a gift. Find it in the powder room which is off of lingerie. The room is at 93/39/25. Shown with Femme Fatale hair by House of Heart. Pose by LAP.


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