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Strawberry Fields Hunt

Strawberry Fields is having a grand reopening celebration and hunt RIGHT NOW. I think it last until at least 4 pm Saturday. The blurb from the feed sounded ominous so far as finding things, but I found quite a few and didn't look THAT hard. Unfortunately Phil's Place won't let me put on any attachments right now so this is a very brief post of what I can and have photographed. There is a VERY nice scripted massage table, some candles as well as other clothes. And there is a skin (shown here from Belleza) and a MALE ONE too. There is another skin I haven't tried on yet and other clothes. Shown here is the top and bracelets from a formal dress by Domini. I can't show your more. Sorry. So get over there and hunt. The sim is very lovely with lots of great photo op places.

Still waiting for those attachments :D


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