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HOH Release Gifts

If you journey over to the daisy hunt at House of Heart, be sure and pick up the free release gifts for August 29th. They are out and they are hot!

I have favorites of course and mine may not be yours -- that's why there are lots of styles of hair after all!

This is Wild Isabella in heather. It is a sister design to one from the hair fair. I so love these feathers and hat. This is for someone who REALLY likes a lot of hair for sure. Lots of fun and you definitely make a statement.

This is Dirty Girl in birch. Slightly punk but not too much, it is casual with some hard edges in the mix. This is no dame to mess around with (wink).

My personal favorite of this release is Margo in burgundy. I liked it SO much I did the "edit linked prim" thing to get it to fit around my ears! So I now have a new skill. This is good. So cute and it could be dressy as well.

The last of the four is Sable in cream -- an abundance of thick hair tied in its own knot!


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