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Hot Pants 'n Hair

It's amazing what happens when you wake up in the middle of the night (yaaawn). Sn@tch has a new late night freebie on the wall. Find the hot pants! They come in a pack of three colors and include both brown and black belts. They should be there for a bit, but don't get lazy or you might miss them. The fishnets and legwarmers were a bonus. You guessed it! A "C" came up about two minutes after my arrival. Woot!

Shown with work shirt by WRONG, bar code necklace from Magika and NEW FREE HAIR from House of Heart (more on that coming up). Pose by LAP who will be having a pose hunt soon. I'll letcha know.

House of Heart just gave out a customer appreciation gift to its SubscribeOmatic group. If you didn't get it, just go to the kiosk in the lobby and click to see the history. It was the 9th I believe. AND if you aren't signed up you can simply click and you get the gift. So, easy either way.

The hair above is Allie in birch. Here are the others in the pack. I bet there will be a couple that will work great for you.

Brad - Cream

Calina The Archer - burgundy

Calypso - natural blonde

Dove - burgundy

Femme Fatale - blurple

Joel - bitter chocolate

Tuli - pigeon

Una - irish red

Unkept - silver

I hope my formatting makes it to the feed with some semblance of order. But, even if it doesn't, you'll be getting YOUR free hair samples soon (wink). Have fun!

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